Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Workin’ It Out With The Whole World.. And Jane.

Yes, you read it right, Be. Beautifully. Well.’s Sandra and Chante’ had the privilege to work it out with the entire world on World Fitness Day 2010! It was a blast, let me tell ya!

The event was hosted by THE DIVALICIOUS & FABU Jane Fonda, and included a few special treats! The GA Dome was transformed into one big workout studio where hundreds of people, all colors, shapes and sizes took a spot to work up a sweat. The energy of the entire dome was amazing. You walked in and felt the excitement of the lovely people, all ready to move for a good cause. Yep, it got even better, the entire event was a benefit for G-CAPP, an advocacy for adolescent pregnancy prevention.

As each celeb fitness guru took the stage we kicked it out, salsa danced it out, and stretched it out! Each instructor had a set, and each set offered a different style and variety unique to that individual. Jane Fonda and Denise Austin started us off, giving her amazing workout, ending with high energy to the song, Got a Feeling (BEP). Followed by Billy Blanks who had us all kicking and jabbing during the TaeBo set. Of course, Debbie Allen got up there and showed us all how to shimmy our waistlines into shape with latin flava! Richard Simmons ended the exercise portion of the event with a fierce and quite unforgettable workout to Lady GaGa. And you know he showed his tail. Literally.

After the workouts were done, it was high time for some good live music. The Pointer Sisters, in all their glamour, took the stage and reminded us of exactly how “excited” we were! Ludacris came next and re-commenced the exercising when he had us all getting low.

All and all, the event was a fantastic success. It was great to give attention to the reminded fact that we need to incorporate exercise into our daily activities, and that it can be done. Even a simple dance routine can work up a good sweat. Moving is such an intricate part of overall wellness. So, after partaking of the complementary apples and oranges offered, grabbing a tee shirt, and visiting with the vendors – who ranged from chair massages, to fitness gear, to dance classes.. We took our goodie bags full of information and freebies from the sponsors, and headed out, amped and exchanging ideas on who cant miss next years’ event! Will you be there to join us??

Check out the live stream video, which was shown all over the world during the event. And BBW will be posting pics in our photo gallery of this great event very soon!

World Fit 2010 Live Stream


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