Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Execumama And Her Friends Show Us How To Celebrate Yourself, Your Food, and Your Health!

This weekend was great! Imagine walking into a loft space full of empowering, encouraging, lovely women all celebrating loving themselves as mothers. They stretch, they breathe, they are encouraged, they eat lavishly. Sounds amazing? Well that was how Be.Beautifully.Well. spent Saturday afternoon!
Execumama did it like no other. The event started out with Yoga, done beautifully by Tiffany Campbell. fellow mommy and yoga instructor. Her style is fantastic, her energy- light, smooth, putting your mind and body at ease. Stretching in combination with breathwork, in the quiet of the room, reminded these beautiful mamas that yes, we need this! Next up was Christine Martinello- International Speaker, Authoress, Mother, and founder of the Momager Club. She spoke on the importance of not only embracing your role but not feeling guilty about the necessity of taking care of yourself. Her statement “If you cant take care of you, how can you possibly take care of anyone else…” left all the moms with a renewed perspective on how crucial it is to feel love, adoration, inspiration from the people around you.. but most importantly, from within. Was there a dry eye in the place? I couldnt tell, had a lil somethin in my own eye!
You would think that would be enough to send you on home floating, right? Well just when you thought the fun was over, Akila had plenty more in store for us! She introduced us to her friends from Creativesoul Photography who made it very clear that “all photographers are not created equal”! Once you see her work, you will strongly agree! As mothers we get so busy and wrapped up in living life that we sometimes forget to capture some of these great moments that we are living. Seeing the beauty in the photos they brought along gave all of us bit of inspiration to do just that.
Last but certainly not least it was time to eat! As we sipped on our exotic lemonade that only this fabu kitchen maven could mix up, we were introduced to Shelley Chapman of Naturi Beauty. Honaaay… This woman navigated that kitchen like Queen Bee of her domain! She was fly! And the food- delectable. As she sashayed teaching the kitchen-and-not-so-kitchen inclined, our mouths watered from the smells and we were shocked at how easy the meal was to prepare, all in about 20 mins! Her motto was “you can pay for it now, or you can pay for it later..” As we discussed the importance of using fresh made from scratch ingredients. She gave great beauty tips as well.
Overall, it was wonderful to network with, share with, gain knowledge and encouragement from these phenominal mamas.. All that energetic love filled the room and it filled us individually! It was truly a weekend celebrating mothers, and what mommy doesn’t work hard enough for that?


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Talking to yourself

arly on in our lives we are taught to give hugs, to say I love you, to say I forgive you. Often times we develop a habit, a daily routine of giving to others. All of which is wonderful. The ability to give is a wonderful attribute and should be continued. However, with so much emphasis given on the value and worth of others I feel that somewhere along the way some of us have lost the value of ourselves.

Are you aware of your worth and value, truly? We all say we do but do we really believe it? How do you honor the light that is within you? It is vital to our spirit that we take time to nurture ourselves emotionally and physically. Take time to say “I Love You”…”You are beautiful” …”I forgive You”…to ourselves. When we are nourished spiritually, emotionally and mentally we can provide loving gifts to others, shedding beautiful light. However the opposite occurs when we allow ourselves to become depleted of such nourishment. A tree can only produce the fruit that is within it’s seed, It will not produce what it does not have. What type of fruit will you bear, to nourish others? What type of seeds are being planted in you?

Take time each day, if you can’t do each day then try each week to re-affirm yourself. Spend a few minutes sitting quietly and say affirmations such as these; I am worthy, I am beautiful, I love myself because…, I am open and accepting of the blessings that come to me.

Hug yourself

You can create your own affirmations, it doesn’t matter, just do it for yourself.

You are so worth it.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Keeping our girls healthy

his past weekend we held our first ever community event. We partnered with the Atlanta Chapter of Tamika and friends to educate women young and mature of the dangers of HPV and it’s link to cervical cancer.

HPV is the abbreviated term for the Human Papilloma Virus, a sexually transmitted disease that is the cause of cervical cancer. We began our event with the beautiful Kenya Hughes, who told the very inspiring story of her dear friend Tamika who at the age of 25 had been diagnosed with Cervical Cancer and given a 15 % chance of survival. After receiving a radical hysterectomy and beating the odds, Tamika pulled through and became an activist for educating young women about this type of cancer that is preventable. Through her passion for life and efforts in spreading valuable information a wonderful organization has been born. Tamika and Friends is responsible for giving women hope, encouragement and a means to make ends meet during a difficult time in their lives when they may have felt that all hope was lost.

Every one that was at the event was able to learn something new. Each woman walked away feeling inspired by the various stories that was shared. We learned that we cannot take things such as youth and health for granted. We were reminded that there are always consequences to our actions. Most importantly, each woman learned the value of teaching what they learned that day to other women in their lives. Young , old, lesbian or heterosexual, monogamous or promiscuous, no one is immune and education is the key to preventing this virus from spreading.

What was especially beautiful, was the connections that were made because we were together that day. Working relationships were strengthened and new business ties were formed. We were able to share our light with others and vice versa. At the end of the meeting we had the privelege of providing therapy for a few of our guests, it was truly a special moment.

For more information about Tamika and Friends go to www.tamikaandfriends.com

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