Friday, March 26, 2010

Just Breathe

The last few months I have been talking a lot about adding breathwork to the sessions with our clients. I just feel that it will add to the total experience of what we do…Combination Therapy. last month I was visiting an adorable tea house for a business meeting with Chante’, as I waited for her to arrive I had the opportunity to look around and soak the place in. I say that because it is a place that I have been wanting to go for a while. It is so quaint and peaceful, the kind of place that you can easily spend four hours reading a good book and surfing the web as you sip on your Matcha tea. Mmmmmm, More on the tea and things later…I’ll get to the point of this post, BREATHWORK.

As I chatted with the owner , she informed me that they hold regular zen classes in thier meditation room. One of which is a breathwork class. Oh my! I couldnt believe it, this is exactly what I wanted. I have heard of this modality For a while but needed more information about it, you know, a more hands on experience. Just so happens that the next class was the following day. So I made it my business to be there . I arrived ready and eager to learn something new. I went into the room with a few others, we each lay down with blankets and mats and after some simple instruction, we began to brrrreeeaaathe. For 30 minutes we breathed in silence while the last 30 minutes was accompanied with soul soothing music. What an experience! With this pattern of circular breathing I was totally relaxed in every part of my body, with my mind having a sense of freedom.

This breathwork was something developed in the 1970’s. It increases the oxygen levels in the body which in turn gives the body increased ability to heal and release stored up toxins. Because breathwork also rises the bodies alkaline level, this makes it even more beneficial to the physical body. Studies have shown that high levels of alkaline in the body increase the immune system, which gives it disease fighting power. What I found to be even more intriguing is the emotional benefits that one can receive by regularly practicing breathwork and even having a breathwork coach. By doing so, you are able to release stored up past emotions and well as discover how current issues relate to past decisions. So amazing!

I am going to continue the education and practice of this system, so don’t be surprised when you have your next session with us and we ask you to BRRREEEAAATHE. I promise you will appreciate it.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beautifully Well Wednesdays – What Is Your Absolute

I’m totally new to blogging, and I am finding it quite intriguing.. I love talking to people, I love journaling, so why not blog?? So here goes..

Be Beautifully Well has one main goal. We want people to recognize the need to embrace internal and external beauty, I mean, doesn’t true beauty permeate from the inside out? Think about it. You are what you eat… When you exercise, you feel awesome on the inside way before you see physical changes… If you are not feeling balanced internally, if your systems are a little “off”, it definitely shows on the external.. Hence being BeautifullyWell.

So, with all of that said, what makes you feel Beautifully Well?? When you eat a nice light meal, and are ready to relax, ease your stress, promote meditation, what products do you indulge in to make yourself feel sultry and sweet, beautiful and calm? Amazingly but not so shockingly, the most beneficial skincare, bath, and body indulgences are right under your nose. The most natural products we can use are right in our kitchens or homegrown right in your backyard. My guilty secret pleasure happens to be plain powdered milk. I put it in everything. It makes your skin silky and even, and it feels absolutely lovely. I bathe my babies in it, and I use it for my manicures and pedicures… Honey is another, as is oatmeal! Try making an oatmeal and honey mask tonight and you won’t be disappointed. Your beauty will shine on the outside and the therapeutic properties of honey and oatmeal will certainly absorb and benefit the inside! Add a dash of powdered milk to make it extra silky and lux! My love gift to you is my BeautifullyWell Wednesday recipe for this week! Try it out, tell me what you think!

Goddess Light’s Basic Face Mask
1/4 cup of finely ground colloidal oatmeal
2 tbsp fresh or dried chopped chamomile flowers and buds
3 tbsp of wildflower honey
Optional: 1/2 tsp of cold pressed olive oil
Finger sift all dry ingredients until combined thoroughly. Slowly finger sift in honey (and olive oil, if you have chosen to use it). Pat onto washed and damp skin until covered. Allow to sit for about 15 minutes or until the pasty consistency starts to harden. Relax, breathe deeply, and enjoy with a side of meditation!

Peace & Love

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