Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We got skillz

One of the great things that I love about being in the wellness and spa business is the opportunities to attend some great events. The events that we attend often give us exposure to an audience that we may not have otherwise been able to reach.

Over the weekend we were invited to The Bridal makeup Expo to work the pamper bar with the Pamp 'n Glam squad; a network of fabulous, beauty and wellness professionals. We set up our space to provide a range a services for the soon to be brides and their families. The event was set in a theme of Brides Around The World. Featuring various dresses and makeup styles from all of the continents.

The best part about this event was that it was also a makeup contest, and The Women Of Be.Beautifully.Well was part of it! least one half of us was. The very talented Chante', a.k.a LadyLovelyPeace is not only an excellent massage therapist but also an artistic makeup artist. With experience in makeup for theater, magazines and weddings, our girl was up for the contest. She had the challenge of working on the brides of "South America", she was not afraid to take chances with the makeup and accessories either. The brides were adorned with facial flowers, and facial jewels. They looked HOT as they worked the runway! Unfortunately We did not win the contest, but we definitely earned some bragging rights.

So now you know, the women of BBW are not only able to give you an awesome therapeutic and relaxing treatment for your body, but we got the skills to make you look like a runway model too!

Remember us when booking your next girls night event or bridal party pamper session. With a combined 30 years of experience in the beauty and wellness industry you can't go wrong.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Beautiful Mind

We have all heard the phrase or at least one similar: "Be careful of what you put into your body." Why? Basically it is because your body will react to what it is being internally exposed to. Some reactions for the better and some unfortunately for the worst. If you have ever experienced first hand the effects of the latter, you soon made proper changes. For example, when you intake too many artificial sugars and foods high in fats you will eventually feel the effects; sluggish, poor skin, diabetes, weight gain, poor digestion etc. However , when you replace that with natural sugars such as found in fresh fruit, increase your folic acid by eating more green leafy veggies and incorporating whole grains your body feels the effects of that too; great skin, improved digestion, looser fitting clothes and more energy.


So, with that theory in mind (no pun intended) are we just as careful about what we feed our minds? Our brain is the control center of our body. It is from there that our body gets the signals to function in a variety of ways. So why should we allow negative thinking to dwell there? Negative thinking, just like bad food full of empty calories and high fat content can break our bodies down. It has been said that disease begins in the mind. Should I repeat that? DISEASE BEGINS IN THE MIND. Negative thoughts are TOXIC to your body.

One fact to prove this is stress. We all know that stress is one of the top killers in people today. What can cause stress? Our feelings can cause stress. If we are overly worried we begin to experience anxiety, which in turn can manifest itself into a physical ailment I.e., ulcers, teeth grinding, lack of sleep. When we are carrying anger & bitterness we put ourselves at greater risk for cardiac problems, kidney issues, among other things. When we experience feelings of depression due to lack of self worth, no hope or even past regrets our body will respond to that too. Now I'm not here to list all of the NEGATIVE things...that might be defeating my own purpose. So I hope you get the point.....Think positively!

Thinking positively is not always easy, believe me. But it can be done, especially when you see the power of it. Positive thinking can be a wonderful healing tonic for the soul. Do you have the tendency to allow negative thinking to linger in your control station? Well, if you want better well being you must get it under control. Begin by checking your surroundings, are there people or things around you that evoke a negative vibe? Make some changes! Surround yourself with things and people that make you happy, that provide a sense of encouragement. Read things that inspire you to be a happier you. Begin a special ritual of gratitude for yourself, Kim Coles has a wonderful site to help with that. Research Aromatherapy and use certain essential oils that create positive energy within the home. Books by well known authors such as ; Gabriel Mojay and Valerie Worwood are awesome to read on the subject. Of course I will always be an advocate for positive affirmations and meditations: you speak it, you will think it, you will believe it.

Let go of the negative thoughts in your mind and you will put yourself on a path of positive health and wonderful well being. It takes more effort to be positive at times, but aren't you worth it?


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Unite, Engage and Grow": Georgia Alliance for Aesthetic Professionals

panelists for Q & A

On August 30th, I had an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to be among the first to witness the greatness that was involved with the first GAAP conference. The Georgia Alliance for aesthetic professionals was founded by Kimberly Russell and Kali Waldron out of a desire to raise the bar of professionalism within the aesthetic industry, particularly within the state of Georgia.

As I sat in the audience and listened intently to the Q& A session with the panelists, whom collectively have over 50 years of experience in the industry, I was very much educated. It was through these women that I was able to see and create a clearer vision of what the profession of aesthetics is all about. These women made it very clear that the profession of skin care is not to be put in a box, or under one generic label, but it’s range of possibilities is quite expansive. As I took notes, one point was made very clear to me from each and everyone is that of continuing education. Many of he people in the industry of skin care & beauty hold education in high esteem. Once a person has made the initial decision to go through technical schooling to begin their career as a skin care therapist, it is pertinent to realize that it doesn’t stop there after graduation.

Kimberly Russell and panelist Q & A

As I sat there soaking up the information that they were offering, I felt so very happy to be joining the industry that has been trail blazed by such inspirational women as Lynn Ross. Founder of Institut DERmed, Sona Martinez a master makeup artist and medical esthetician. These women took their knowledge and passion and created wonderful careers for themselves.

These women on the panel have raised the bar in the industry and are committed to helping others to do the same. Inspiring all in the industry to realize that aesthetics is not just a hobby of cleaning faces, but a life changing and meaningful work.

SIGH.....graduation can't come soon enough for me.

*If you would like to know more about GAAP follow this link

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