Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Workbook, Self Love, and Legacy

This week was pretty cool. Although its not over, I had some great conversations, amazing revelations, and I heard some of the most enlightening insights. I would definitely say, it was pretty peace.
With that said, on our radio show this week, I had the great privilege of speaking with Brooke, creator of Love's Gumbo. It was a wonderful conversation (well, it was SUPPOSED to be an interview, but u know how I get a lil comfy..) and while the topic was love, relationships, and everything in between, we ended up speaking quite a bit on the relatable "in between". That being self love.

The funny thing is, THIS is what I do. I speak on self love to others. I love on my clients. I love on my babies. I love on myself. I take time, I go to Jeju when I need it. I hang with my girlfriends, I make time to exercise, I don't eat left over pb&j sandwiches. Well on most days anyway. But there is just one thing... Do I truly KNOW myself? That question rose up inside of me after seeing this:

Sistah Circle Exercise #1

Well, this exercise reminded me of a special workbook that I received a couple of years ago, called A Mother's Legacy: Your Life Story In Your Own Words.

It drew to mind questions about ourselves that we may be surprised to find we actually have a very hard time answering.. Things we may think we SHOULD know. Ill give an example.

There are several chapters in the book. 11 to be exact. The first chapter goes into your personal portrait. Who you are and what your gifts are to this universe. You may know what your favorite song is. But do you know WHY? Get to know yourself deeply. The surface is there, but what do you find when you dig beneath that? This is how u cleanse, purify, and recognize the beauty that is the essence of who you are.

The chapters continue on-- Your Childhood, Your Family Life, Education, Work, Marriage, Inspirations, and on and on. The important thing is, there are so many facets to who we are individually, and how well do we know them?

This was an astonishing group of exercises for me because I truly dont feel that I neglect my internal and external needs. And I feel that my self love runs deep. But does it? Hm. I realized there is so much more to know about myself, which enriches my ability to self nurture. And if you nurture yourself, you are much more equipped to nurture those around you. How lovely.

Exercises like the ones mentioned-- Love's Gumbo Sistah Circle, and the workbook, focuses on the need to love yourself, write about it, and scream it from the rooftops. Try to make use of them, this will turn into your legacy!



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